Glasgow City Heliport - Unofficial Site.

Welcome the unofficial Glasgow City Heliport website!

This website has been created to highlight one of the lesser known aviation operational bases in the United Kingdom. Glasgow City Heliport is a small helicopter base located just outside of Glasgow City Centre and home to 2 helicopter units and a major helicopter operations company. More information can be found here.

The site tries to cover all aspects of the Heliport and things associated with it - if you have any further info or questions please use the contact form.

Glasgow City Heliport Info:


Finnieston, Glasgow (SECC)

Operated By:

Bond Air Services

Helicopters Based:

Strathclyde Police, Scottish Ambulance Service

ICAO Code:


Common Aircraft Types:

Eurocopter EC135, Bolkow BO105


5 Helicopters

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